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How to drink martini properly

In the list of alcoholic drinks, martini takes pride of place as an ingredient in numerous cocktails. The famous Italian brand of vermouth and sparkling wines gave the name to the drink itself. It is more often considered feminine because of its mild taste, a large number of additives, which include herbs, fruits and spices. In some forms, their number reaches 40. Nevertheless, martini should not be discriminated against, men also drink it with great pleasure. The main thing is the correctly selected components from which the cocktail is prepared.

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What is Martini

Essentially, martini is a trademark. The company produces medium-strength flavored fortified wines with the addition of wormwood, spices and other components that give the drinks an original rich taste. Naturally, the complete recipe is classified and only the main ingredients such as alcohol, water, sugar and a few flavors are known to the general public.

Martini gets its name from the name of the creator of the recipe. The first appearance of the drink on the market took place in 1863, when a distillery organized by Alessandro Martini and Luigi Rossi produced samples of the new vermouth. Just 16 years later, the partners opened a factory and registered the Martini & Rossi trademark, which quickly gained fame in Italy. Vermouths of the Cinzano brand were and still remain their constant rivals in the alcoholic beverages market.


Manufacturers have created several recipes with different flavors.

Interesting: Each type of martini has very strict tolerances for sugar content and flavor level.

Authentic drinks are considered to be produced in Italy and have the coat of arms of King Umberto on the label. The rest may be called martinis, but they will not be considered real.

The main division is by color. The basis is white or red wine, and it is produced in its own winery, not trusting the purchased raw materials.

4 varieties of vermouth are considered classic:

  • white dry;
  • white sweet;
  • pink;
  • red.

They differ in the type of raw material and the concentration of sugar. The lower bar is kept at 4%, the upper one reaches 16%.